oy vey

Ok, guys...Ezboard's getting better. We should be able to resume posting to the temp forums. So, go 'head and start a-posting to the temp forums, SAVE YOUR POSTS, and consider it Tuesday.

Finish off your Monday posts iffen you wanna (like Dom and Logan) but go ahead and start on Tuesday.

Genesis will be fine, we're young and we didn't lose NEARLY as much as some boards, so let's count our blessings. Shoo! Go! Post!



Ezboard is still fixing its Badness. Until then, we need everyone to sound off here in a roll call AND email me at fuzzybluelogic@aol.com (with your email address or other form of contact)

On-going threads can be resumed via AIM (or MSN or YIM or whatever) or here on this LJ (please post the scene here when done is using an IM client).

You LJ rpers know how to do this :)

Those who are submitting applications, please send/resend them to Bobby at ironchefcajun@gmail.com.

Thanks guys!


Ezboard is still working on it...

Luckily, I really think they'll have back up tapes and be able to restore the missing stuff. AND we're a young board, so we only lost two game days. It sucks but it's not the end of the world and nothing we can't rebuild. We just keep playing. :-)

Day Room


Kurt appeared above the couch...a little too above the couch, and landed with a semi-surprised "oof!" and the scattering of kernels from the bag of popcorn wrapped tightly in his tail, as his hands were full of DVDs and a bottle of Mountain Dew. He straightened himself and looked around. Empty. No one was bogarting the TiVO...yet. He was free to immerse himself in the Forensic Joys of his own personal CSI-athon.

He settled down with his popcorn and started shuffling through his DVDs.